Welcome to the eCreativa Online Media Network - the Lean, Mean, Content Machine.
eCreativa is a holding company, based in the United States, for online media properties listed below.  Approximately 2 million combined visitors a month visit our portfolio of websites and the number is rapidly growing. 

Lindisima.com - An English/Spanish online portal for women.  Its Spanish version is the most popular website among Hispanic women in the United States.  Launched in 1999, the website attracts 1.2 million visitors monthly.  The areas of focus include wellness, personal care, fashion, and lifestyle.  Also includes two blogs: BeautyBag and Lindisima blog.  A community website is also available at Club Lindisima.
MYNIPPON.com - A lifestyle portal with a broad coverage of topics including personal care/wellness, plastic surgery, drugs, fashion/style, cooking, relationships, and personal finance/retirement planning.  Launched in 1999, the website attracts approximately 300,000 visitors monthly.  Also includes five blogs: Celebrity Gossip; Lifestyle News; Juicy News; Vioxx, Bextra news; Personal Finance.   
LuvCube.com - A portal for singles looking for relationships and for couples who want to enjoy their relationships.  Launched in 2004, the website attracts approximately 50,000 visitors monthly.  The areas of focus include dating, engagements, weddings, honeymoon, vacations, and other topics of interest to couples.  Includes two blogs: Hollywood Relationships and Love Blog.
iProceed.com - A highly focused website with a focus on trends and developments in the world of online media.  Launched in 2004, the website attracts approximately 30,000 visitors that tend to be senior level executives interested in strategy, marketing, and technology of online publishing and entertainment.  Includes two blogs: Dwivedi and Honestly.
BeautyNova.com -  A highly targeted website for people interested in seeking independent, unbiased information on anti-aging and plastic surgery procedures.  Launched in 2005, the website attracts approximately 17,000 visitors monthly.  Includes BeautyNova Life blog and forums.
Bodas Bellas - A web site focused on weddings, engagements, parties, and honeymoon for Spanish speaking couples in the United States.  Launched in 2012.
Dreamers Are Us - A blog directed to DREAMers, providing them with a path to legalization of their status in the United States with information on DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.  Launched in 2012.
Americans Are Us - A website tracking the developments in comprehensive immigration reform arena that aims to provide a path for citizenship for illegal immigrants in the United States.  Launched in 2012.
xInvest -  Website targeted at business leaders and solopreneurs.  Launched in 2013.

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